​​A 1 hour lesson constitutes time in the saddle (additional time is given while students are learning to prepare the horses for riding and put everything away after their ride, this is included in the lesson fee).  Once riders are able to tack up their horse independently, they are expected to arrive 15-20 minutes early to get their horse ready to ride.  ​


Virginia Frazier offers many services to her clients, as well as members of the community.

Virginia Frazier Equestrian Services

  • Lessons ​
  • Training
  • Pasture Boarding
  • Full Board (limited) 
  • ​Horse show Coaching
  • ​Horse Search (looking for a horse, as well as looking at potential horses)
  • ​Finding good deals on apparel and tack


Boarding is available on a limited basis. Currently pasture boarding is available. For one horse stall boarding is available as well. 

  • Fed 2 times per day *
  • 10 acre pasture with high quality grass 
  • Jump ring (under construction) 

*Feed for pasture board is not provided,

Grain to be provided by owner, and will

be fed per owner's instructions.

  • 1 Hour Private: $35
  • 1 Hours Semi-Private: $30
  • 1/2 Hour Private*: $25
  • Training (off-site): $35 + fuel costs
  • Training (on-site): $35
  • Training, on-site per month: $250 
  • Evaluating Potential Purchase***: fuel costs
  • Pasture Boarding: $150 per month

*1/2 hour lessons are for young riders

upon evaluation of readiness, and

special needs riders needing a

reduced length of time for their needs.

** On-site monthly training available only

with boarding, board costs are extra

and will be worked out between owner and Virginia

*** Evaluating a potential horse for purchase

is available at no-cost for established clients,

fuel costs is all that is asked to be covered.

For non-clients, this is available for $35 + fuel